WinFlow, People counting Systems


Integrator in people counting systems

WinFlow installs people counting systems in points of sale, shopping centers, museums, reception points and temporary events.

The count can be performed for statistical purposes and / or for security applications (IMF).

The company has the best 3D sensors on the market (99% accuracy) and gives you the benefit of its expertise in order to to carry out your project in France and in Europe.


who are we operating


  • Capture / Comparisons


Depending on the type of site and the purpose of the application, we are able to offer you an adequate solution. Our teams regularly test new sensors and have selected a range that meets most needs.


  • Raw data transmission and formatting


Depending on the type of site and the purpose of the application, we have a range of solutions to store on the local network or to transmit it to our cloud server through VPN, 4G link etc.


  • Analysis


Our analytics solution line starts with an LCD display and extends to Internet predictive analytics systems. We also have gauge monitoring and analysis solutions that work either on the local network or on our Internet platform.


  • Installation / maintenance


Our monitoring platform allows us to report all anomalies and initiate an incident follow-up procedure until their resolution (SLA rate of our 2019 server: 99.95%).

For installations and maintenance, in order to be as responsive as possible, our technicians are located in more than 10 points in France.


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