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WinFlow helps you comply with the sanitary gauge in real time

Installer of people counting systems in points of sale, shopping centers, museums, reception points and temporary events, WinFlow offers you the best 3D sensors on the market (99% accuracy). Whether you need to count for statistical or security purposes, WinFlow will always be the right choice.



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Health crisis

maximum presence

Simplify the management of maximum attendance


Thanks to our counting tool, you will be able to guarantee smooth access to your establishment while respecting maximum attendance standards.


Communicate the attendance rate directly to the user


In a queue, provide the user with an estimate of the time remaining before they can enter. Or let them know from home about their store visits, live.

social distancing

Measuring respect for social distancing


Guarantee the health of your customers and compliance with sanitary standards by comparing the data from our counting tool to the surface of your building.

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  • Measure the conversion rate (sales / visitors ratio)


By comparing the number of visitors recorded by our system to the sales made over a given period, you can determine your conversion rate.


  • Organize the distribution of sales forces


Now that you know your store traffic trends, you can properly allocate your sales force.


  • Supervise attendance of the entire chain


Stay up to date with your establishment's attendance, live and from anywhere.



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home boutiques shops
home centres commerciaux Shopping Centers

Shopping centers

  • Measuring the attractiveness of different spaces


By putting side by side the attendance data of the various establishments in a shopping center, you can reliably measure their relative attractiveness.


  • Know the changes in attendance according to events (sales)


Compare attendance metrics to organized events, and estimate their effectiveness.


  • Control presence in real time


By knowing the number of customers in real time, you will be able to control attendance, for example by adapting the filtering on entry.



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EOP (museum, exhibition center, swimming pool, etc.)

  • Measure presence in real time


With our sensors, measure the presence of visitors in real time and reliably.


  • Engage third-party solutions in the event of exceeding the gauge


In case of too much attendance in view of safety or health standards, you can easily and quickly react.


  • Analyze attendance based on events


Link attendance data to organized events and judge their effectiveness.



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ERP musée piscine exposition museum pool
smart building

Smart Building

  • Know the occupancy rate of spaces anonymously


While respecting the anonymity of users, be aware of the occupancy rate of your premises.


  • Optimize energy management and maintenance according to the number of people


Thanks to the attendance data provided by WinFlow tools, optimize your energy management and maintenance expenses according to the traffic.


  • Compatible with many hypervisors and building management solutions


If you have already invested in hypervisors and building management solutions, WinFlow tools will know how to work hand in hand with them.



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  2020 has been a very special year and we hope that in 2021 the situation will recover.   Thanks to your trust, we have managed to maintain growing activity this year despite the postponement of certain projects and the cancellation of eve...
  Our solutions are adapted to counting for : #shopping_center, #point_of_sale #museum, #university and all # types of events: #christmas_market #salon etc ......
  The goal is to indicate in " real time " the number of people present in the FAN ZONE of NICE during Euro 2016.  ...

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